About me… well what can I say? I have always been a creative person. From coloring outside of the lines as a child, to taking the lead in signage and tag lines for anything that had to do with my graduating class in high school. Fast forward to the future and VIOLA! I am a bonafide graphic designer.

I received my BFA in graphic design in 2003 and I have worked as a designer ever since. Interning at Jezebel magazine, to designing credit cards and gift cards for The Royal Bank of Scotland; and then on to package design for the makers of HeartGard and Frontline. I’ve worked on Baby Einstein and Bright Starts packaging at Kids II, worked on various projects for Inkgility as an art director, created panoramic tours for the apartmentguide.com, And performing QA audits on web banners and direct mail pieces for YP (As in the Yellow Pages). But my journey does not stop there… I am always looking for ways to improve my design skills and to have free flowing, clear communicate with clients. That is why, no matter what adventure my creativity takes me on,  my focus is on bridging the gap between concept and execution.